Saturday, November 25, 2017

Senior Registration 2017

This information is for male and female players intending to play senior grade football for the Tigers in 2017

All players for First Grade, Second Grade, Rising Stars and Women’s grades in 2017 are required to complete their on-line registration form.

This is an annual requirement to ensure you appear on the weekly team sheets as a registered player.

Some players may recall their user name (in most cases your email address) and password from last year. If not, you can request a reminder in the online system or the club can guide you through obtaining these.

New players transferring the Tigers Seniors, either from our Tigers Juniors or from another Club, will need to wait until a transfer request has been completed before they can do their online registration. We will complete the transfer request on your behalf.

To complete your online registration form please click here

In addition to the online registration, players will be provided with a paper-based form to complete at training. It includes further contact and medical details, an outline of the 2017 registration fees and what is included, a players code of conduct etc.

If you require assistance please approach Michael Goiser at training; call the Tigers Football office on 6299 3467 (during business hours); or phone Michael Goiser on 0409 365 667 out of hours (at a reasonable hour though please!!)