Wednesday, August 12, 2020


The Queanbeyan Tigers Australian Football Club Inc (QTAFC – football) and the Tigers Club (QAFC Ltd – licensed club) are two separate entities that work closely together for the benefit of AFL in Queanbeyan. The third area of the Tigers organisation is the Tigers Juniors.

Membership of one part of the organisation does not mean membership of the others.

Senior players who pay a season registration fee receive ordinary membership of the football organisation, which entitles them to vote at annual general meetings. All players over 18 must are also expected to become members of the Licensed Club where we regularly hold social functions and host after-match awards. Applications for Licensed Club membership are available at the club reception.

The following categories of people are considered members of QTAFC:

a) a registered player having paid registration fees; or
b) a Growler Member (past players and supporters club) having paid for membership; or
c) a life member of the Football Club; or
d) a financial member of the Football Club.

Membership application forms to become a financial member of the Football Club are available by contacting the Football Administration Office on 6299 3467 or email:

Or the application form can be downloaded here: QTAFC Inc – Membership Application