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Results from 27 May 2017

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Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players
1st Grade:  Josh Bryce
2nd Grade:  Seamus Feery
Rising Stars:  Bye
Women’s:  Amy Dwyer

Match Results – Saturday 27 May 2017

First Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     1.1-7        3.2-20    7.4-46      8.6-54
Belconnen Magpies    4.3-27     6.8-44    11.9-75     19.11-125

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: T. Clowry 2, B. Fruend 2, T. Collins, D. Simpson, S. Lancaster, R. Quade
Best Players: J. Bryce, J. Hedington, J. Smith, J. Kirkwood, B. Lagana, J. Bowyer

Belconnen Magpies
Goal Kickers: C. York 7, S. Coate 3, D. Posch 3, J. Bennett 2, J. Harper 2, L. Haddrill, L. Harper
Best Players: J. Bennett, C. York, R. Healy, S. Coate, A. Bennett, A. Jones

Second Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     2.6-18    8.7-55     12.8-80     18.12-120
Belconnen Magpies    1.2-8       1.2-8       4.2-26       4.2-26

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: K. Evans 5, D. Lord 4, S. Feery 4, N. Verma 2, M. Lawrence 2, W. Morshead
Best Players: J. Kerr, S. Feery, J. Bowyer, K. Evans, B. Cummins, M. Lawrence

Belconnen Magpies
Goal Kickers: B. Hoffmann, M. Kelly, K. Ruyg, S. Ryan-Baker
Best Players: B. Chapman, T. Purcell, N. Kelly, E. Jordan, B. Faram, B. Marks

Rising Stars


Queanbeyan Tigers     9.1-55     14.4-88   20.9-129   25.12-162
Cootamundra Blues    0.0          0.0           0.0             0.0

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: M. Godfrey 5, H. Dunn 3, A. Dwyer 3, H. Bowyer 3, A. Dand 2, K. Jensen 2, E. Ross 2, J. Vucago, M. Margosis, J. Van Bodegom , C. Res, L. Herring
Best Players: A. Dwyer, E. Ross, H. Bowyer, M. Godfrey, H. Dunn, A. Dand

Cootamundra Blues
Best Players: M. Perceval , S. Bloor, H. Whatman, G. Potts, A. Watson, E. Poulton



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