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Results from 4 June 2017

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Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players
1st Grade:  Josh Bryce
2nd Grade:  Marcus Lawrence
Rising Stars:  Alex Coppinger
Women’s:  Bye

Match Results – Sunday 4 June 2017

First Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     3.4-22    3.5-23    4.6-30     5.6-36
Ainslie Tricolours       1.4-10     6.9-45    9.12-66   12.18-90

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: A. Page 3, B. Fruend, J. Kirkwood
Best Players: J. Bryce, A. Page, S. Lancaster, J. Tegart, K. Evans, J. Bowyer

Ainslie Tricolours
Goal Kickers: H. Delves 4, J. Fleming 2, M. Lawless 2, L. O”Neil, C. Barrie, J. Hirst, H. Phillips
Best Players: S. Sienkiewicz, J. Hirst, H. Delves, D. Ledda, L. O”Neil, J. Taylor

Second Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     5.2-32    5.2-32    7.2-44    7.3-45
Ainslie Tricolours       1.0-6       5.3-33    7.3-45    13.8-86

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: J. Murphy 2, M. Haley 2, C. Graham, A. Godfrey, M. Lawrence
Best Players: M. Lawrence, J. Bridger, J. Oram, D. Lucas, A. Godfrey, B. Gisik

Ainslie Tricolours
Goal Kickers: M. Renet 4, J. Maynard 2, L. Carter 2, T. Roughton, S. Allan, A. Thompson, J. Chapman, Z. Lindsay
Best Players: S. Pawczynski, M. Renet, W. Beaumont, L. Toohey, Z. Lindsay, W. Hamill

Rising Stars
Queanbeyan Tigers     1.1-7    2.2-14    6.3-39    8.4-52
Ainslie Tricolours       1.2-8    7.3-45    9.4-58    13.7-85

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: N. Wright 2, M. Wallis 2, S. Kyle, T. McCabe, M. McKenzie, L. Squire
Best Players: A. Coppinger, C. Taylor, K. Doherty, N. Wagland, J. Gay, K. Stevens

Ainslie Tricolours
Goal Kickers: N. Groenewegen 5, H. Raftery 3, R. Stewart 2, A. Holt, D. McNair, S. Williams
Best Players: N. McEwen, H. Muir, N. Groenewegen, N. Thomas, L. Morfoot, J. Wiley




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