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Results from Saturday 13 May

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Dominos Queanbeyan Players of the Week and Match Results

Dominos Best Players
1st Grade:  Dean Ross
2nd Grade:  Alec McCormick
Rising Stars:  Jack Stephinson
Women’s:  Megan Godfrey

Match Results – Saturday 13 May 2017

First Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     2.3-15    6.7-43    6.10-46       8.13-61
Eastlake Demons        5.1-31     7.5-47    9.12-66       12.13-85

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: B. Fruend 2, D. Simpson 2, J. Bryce 2, T. Clowry, A. Page
Best Players: T. Clowry, J. Smith, D. Ross, J. Bryce, J. Manie, D. Simpson

Eastlake Demons
Goal Kickers: A. Wilson 4, C. O”Rourke 3, J. Kerin 2, J. Hancock, J. Johnson, S. Darcy
Best Players: J. Mesman, D. Ryall, J. Gumley, K. Mahon, S. De Sousa, A. Wilson

Second Grade
Queanbeyan Tigers     2.2-14    8.5-53    10.7-67   14.10-94
Eastlake Demons        4.0-24    7.0-42    7.1-43     7.2-44

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: M. Haley 8, S. Feery 3, B. Gisik, A. Godfrey, W. Morshead
Best Players: A. McCORMICK, J. Bowyer, J. O”Halloran, M. Haley, A. Lawder, S. Feery

Eastlake Demons
Goal Kickers: N. Wood 3, J. Crowe, M. D”Amico, M. Kendrick, M. McCormack
Best Players: E. Rosin, B. Perkins, L. James, M. Kendrick, N. Wood, N. Ryan

Rising Stars
Queanbeyan Tigers     1.5-11    2.6-18     3.10-28     5.10-40
Eastlake Demons        2.0-12   5.3-33     8.3-51       10.6-66

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: J. Stephinson 2, N. Charleston-Gligora, J. Gay, K. Doherty
Best Players: J. Stephinson, A. Lo Pilato, J. Micallef, D. McKenna, A. Coppinger, B. Greenwood

Eastlake Demons
Goal Kickers: J. Roberts 3, B. Cunningham, J. Wise, M. Veit, A. Cooper, E. Pascoe, J. Lafferty, B. Collins
Best Players: B. Collins, J. Askew, D. Hawksworth, J. McCormack, J. Lafferty, B. Cunningham

Queanbeyan Tigers     2.3-15    2.5-17    5.8-38    7.9-51
Riverina Lions            1.0-6       2.0-12    2.1-13    4.2-26

Queanbeyan Tigers
Goal Kickers: L. Watson 3, M. Godfrey 3, H. Dunn
Best Players: M. Godfrey, S. Close, K. Reid, E. Ross, J. Stramandinoli, L. Flakelar

Riverina Lions
Goal Kickers: K. Abbott 2, A. White, K. Mckenzie
Best Players: E. Oates, K. Abbott, K. Ireland, E. Diggelmann, J. Powell, T. Thomas

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